Singleton Nights of Joy

Host Your Own Singleton Night of Joy

Meeting The Needs Of Today…Providing Hope For Tomorrow

As Singleton Moms launches the new Singleton Promise campaign, we invite you to participate in a Night (or day!) of Joy as well!

The idea behind the Night of Joy is for a group of friends/co-workers/community members to gather and learn more about the mission of Singleton Moms in a fun, laid-back way.  This in turn helps the organization to grow our pool of support!

Once you decide on the type of event you would like to host, you simply fill out the application below and Singleton Moms will provide with whatever items you have requested (if appropriate).  We encourage you to not only educate your guests about Singleton Moms and our new Singleton Promise campaign, but to share moments of joy with each other and with us.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Singleton Night of JoyGo on a hike
  • Host a wine/cheese party
  • Incorporate a Night of Joy event into your next book club gathering
  • Turn your birthday party into a dual Night of Joy event
  • Gather friends for coffee and treats one weekend morning
  • Host a Night of Joy with friends at the office
  • Go bowling
  • Go to a movie with a group of friends

As you enjoy your gathering, spend some time educating your friends about Singleton Moms and what it means to you.  We will provide you with a sign-up sheet to gather information from those who want to learn more.  We will also provide you with Singleton Promise donor cards for those wishing to sign up to make a monthly donation to support our mission.

We encourage all participants to snap a photo of their Night of Joy or moments of joy that are written on paper and use #momentsofjoy when uploading to social media.  Let’s spread the love!!!


  • How Singleton Moms Can Help

    • Event appearance by a member of Singleton Moms Board of Directors or staff to give a presentation, receive proceeds or thank the group (based availability). Such appearances must be scheduled at least 21 days in advance.
    • Singleton Moms logo upon approval of event.
    • Supply informational brochures about Singleton Moms programs and services.
    • Provide written tax receipts and thank you cards to donors who make checks payable to Singleton Moms.
  • Publicity & Logo Use

    • Event organizers must use the official logo provided by Singleton Moms.
    • Publicity may not suggest that the event is being sponsored or co-sponsored by Singleton Moms or that Singleton Moms is involved in any way except as the beneficiary.
    • Singleton Moms reserves the right to have certain content removed at our discretion. Any social media pages should not be used to market businesses or individual interests who are not participating in the Volunteer/Group Fundraiser.
  • Financial & Receipting

    • Singleton Moms is unable be responsible for any third-party contracted payments or other event related expenses
    • All tax receipts issued must follow and adhere to the guidelines and requirements as set out by the Internal Revenue Service. Singleton Moms does not provide corporate or individual tax advice.
    • At the completion of the event, all checks (if collected) should be made payable to Singleton Moms and mailed to: Singleton Moms, Main Street, #700 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Night of Joy Application