Become a Care Coordinator

Here at Singleton Moms, it is our goal to focus on the practical day to day needs of the entire family while they are struggling through the health crisis of the home’s primary care giver. All of us at Singleton Moms are extremely honored to be meeting this need within our community.

Singleton Moms prides itself on the human element we bring to our programs and the one-on-one relationship that is developed between the parents we serve, the volunteers who give of themselves and the Singleton Moms staff and Board of Directors.

We are a village! Many of us have personal reasons for our work- reasons that make us the strong, compassionate team that we are.

The support of Care Coordinators is a vital piece to the Singleton Moms programs. There are currently parents on our service list who are waiting for Care Coordinators to lend them a helping hand.

Considering becoming a Care Team Coordinator? Here are some frequently asked questions about the Care Team Coordinators.

What is a Care Team Coordinator?

Volunteer Care Coordinator

The CC is the liaison between the Singleton Parent On Service (APOS) and Singleton Moms. The Care Coordinator works closely with the Program Coordinator to ensure quality, personal care can be given to each family served. You are an essential part of Singleton Mom’s Success!

What are the Care Team Coordinators responsibilities?
The responsibilities of the Care Coordinator include organizing and leading cleanings once a month, ensuring a family has the opportunity to choose and receive meals each month, getting a parent the things she/he needs from our Bare Necessities Drives if she/he is not feeling well enough to attend, and providing additional emotional support and access to our other available resources.

What are the requirements to become a Care Coordinator?

  • Attend a Volunteer Meet and Great (held twice a month at the SM office)
  • Attend Annual Care Coordinator Training.
  • Attend at least 2 of the 4 Annual Care Coordinator Workshops
  • Complete a Volunteer Application & Copy of Driver’s License
  • Background check ($20)
  • Minimum 1 year commitment
  • Be able to bend, stand and carry out moderate to heavy cleaning
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Communicate effectively by email & phone,
  • Assess the Singleton Parent on Service’s needs, & engage the Care Team

How do I become a Care Team Coordinator?

Please complete the our Volunteer Registration form and sign up for our Volunteer Meet and Greet through our Calendar of Events.