Singleton Moms Programs &Services

Singleton Moms programs focus on the practical day-to-day needs of the entire family while they are struggling through the single parent’s cancer crisis. These programs have developed specifically from experience in the types of support our families request most. All of our support services are at no charge to Singleton Moms families.

Are you a single parent with cancer in need of our assistance?

If you are a single mother or father undergoing treatment for cancer and need our assistance, please visit the Request our Services page to find out more.

Our Main Programs

Singleton Pockets

Singleton PocketsBills, bills, bills … any person with serious illness knows the real financial hardship it creates. Singleton Pockets allocates a small stipend per month to be applied directly toward a household bill such as rent/mortgage, utility (water, electric). Payments are made through the Singleton Moms Accounting Department and cash is never given directly to the parent.

Singleton Pockets helps to keep the household running as normally as possible, and lessens the stress of monthly financial obligations which in turns causes chronic stress and delays the healing process.

Singleton Kitchen

Singleton Kitchen IconWho doesn’t love a delicious, nutritious dinner that has been prepared by somebody else? For families where the sole parent has cancer, the Singleton Kitchen program is especially important because it simplifies meal preparation so dinner gets on the table even when the parent is sick or exhausted.

All meals are made by volunteers in partnership with Dream Dinners, with a focus on nutrition and the needs of the mother and her children. Well-balanced, pre-prepared meals are provided to ensure that nutrition is a priority within the home and to promote time spent as a family over dinner.

Care Team Cleans

Care Team Cleans IconA sparkling clean house is definitely one of life’s greatest pleasures … and for the Singleton Moms families, it’s especially important! A clean home reduces ailments, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and lifts a weight of a parent’s shoulders, especially when they are feeling poorly from treatment. It also allows more time to spend interacting with the children instead of trying to stay on top of household chores.

Our Care Coordinator and Care Team volunteers provide a thorough cleaning of the family’s home once a month, and are able to accommodate special needs. All of our volunteers are screened with a background check before entering the home.

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities IconWe all know how quickly the expense of household necessities such as laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. can add up.  The Bare Necessities program provides families with a supply of most-needed household items that are used in the home daily.  This keeps the home running smoothly and helps to reduce the financial burden that is associated with restocking practical household.

The Bare Necessities items are provided through community drives held in partnership with many companies, churches, schools, clubs and organizations.

Additional Programs

Singleton Phonebook

Singleton Phonebook IconSingleton Phonebook is a resource of community professionals and businesses which are willing to provide their on an as-needed, pro-bono basis. Singleton families with specific needs are matched with businesses willing to fill those needs at no charge.

This program is a lifesaver to many of our families when extra needs arise, such as the kids needing eyeglasses, a big move coming up, or the landscaping needing attention, for instance.

Singleton Kids

Singleton Kids IconTaking care of single parents obviously means making sure their precious children have a network of support, too! To sponsor a Singleton Kids Event or to join the Singleton Kids Committee, email, call 480-818-5285 or check our Events Calendar for the next meeting date.

  • Social Events: Quarterly kid-friendly events at fun venues like Arizona Science Center, Crackerjax, Diamondbacks games, bowling alleys and more, give the kids a chance to meet other Singleton Kids going through the same challenges and lets them just hang out together and have fun.
  • Just for Me, Just for Fun: This special grant-drive program gives the opportunity for a couple of Singleton Kids each month to receive a $250 grant they can use on an extracurricular activity or camp experience, room makeover or clothing shopping spree.
  • Birthday Box: Each month the Singleton Kids Committee assembles birthday bags filled with the essentials needed to give kids with a birthday in that month a fun celebration: hats, streamers, plates, tablecloth, $20 gift card for a cake and a birthday gift from our inventory of new toys.
  • Bare Necessities Craft Day: While parents are picking out their Bare Necessities items for the month, Singleton Kids have the opportunity to make a fun craft, chow down on delicious snacks or occasionally we bring in a big surprise for the kids … how about a delivery of snow or a water slide!
  • Singleton Santas: Singleton Moms pairs Singleton Families with adoptive groups in October of each year. Each family makes a wish list and encouraged to ask for their true hearts’ desires! The adoptive group becomes the Singleton Santas for that family and does the shopping, wrapping and delivering, starting the second week in December. Holiday wishes do come true!

Seeds of Strength

Seeds Of StrenghSeeds of Strength is an autonomous group of current and past Singleton Parents, whose members spend time having fun together and lend each other support as needed.

This sisterhood takes camaraderie to a whole new level as they enjoy a fun Singleton Moms-sponsored “Parent’s Night Out” every month. Members share advice and resources, give words of encouragement and plan their involvement in upcoming Singleton Moms events and activities.