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Welcome to Singleton Moms

Meeting the Needs of Today…Providing Hope for Tomorrow

Singleton Moms, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to nurturing single parents battling cancer and their minor children, by meeting the practical day- to-day needs of the entire family, while providing hope for tomorrow.

Singleton Moms serves families in Maricopa County and parts of Pinal County, Arizona.

In the 2009 BRFS survey*, 3.4% of the respondents were single parents that had been diagnosed in the past with cancer. This translates into more than 17,000 single parents that were living with a cancer diagnosis in Phoenix that year. Many of them have the family or financial resources they need to get them through their treatment. But who will help those who do not? Singleton™ Moms steps in to fill the need.

Imagine that your close friend, neighbor or family member is a struggling single parent undergoing active cancer treatment.

What would you do to help? Well, that’s exactly what Singleton™ Moms does.

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Supporting Single Parents with Cancer

We provide meals … clean the house … apply a small sum of money toward household bills … offer bare necessities … and so much more ~ the day-to-day, practical stuff that keeps the family afloat.  Most importantly, our helping hands and loving hearts let these single parents and their innocent children feel that they are not alone.

We are a small, locally-based non-profit organization, and our resources are based solely upon community support.  Please learn more, donate, volunteer, or attend our events.

Singleton Moms is supported by

Royal Neighbors of America

*Source: Email from Chris Newton, Arizona Department of Health Services, March 11, 2011. Data from the 2009 survey “Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Study,” a data-collection effort of adult health-related information, compiled by the Arizona Department of Health Services through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. www.azdhs.gov/phs/phstats/brfs/reports/BRFSS2009Report.pdf

If you put a 95 percent confidence bound on the percentage (a standard confidence level is used because a survey represents only an approximate number of persons), you have somewhere between 1.04% – 5.7% respondents whom are single adults with children.  These percentages translate into somewhere between 5,248 and 28,763 Arizonans with cancer who are single adults with minor children.